Managed Services


Paid training packages are priced at $150 per hour.

Customers that purchase training will work individually or as a group with the Stack Sports Education Services Lead and receive customized training to meet their needs.


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New Admin (1 hour)


Setting up admins

Registration and Website overview

Managing people
Registration Setup/League Management (2 hours)

Indvidial or Team registration - 5 step setup

Registration Reporting

Registration Accounts

Scheduling (3 hours)


Divisions & Pools Locations Games Schedules Teams

Create leagues/teams

Setup seasons and schedules

Setup venues

Populate games and practices, connect to website Managing standings, Playoff/Bracket Schedules, Rollover process

Website (1 hour)


Communication tools Webpage options Standard items

Officials (2 hours)

Configuration and setup, Qualifications

Referee pay rate, Referee preferences Assigning/up for grabs Reporting

Incident reports and evaluations

Full Certification (8 hours)

New Admin/Basics

Registration Scheduling Website Officials